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Survey of Animation Final Project- Stone Cold, Warm Brown

Much of the city is cold and harsh. However, one can take solace in small comforts. Advertisements

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Computer Animation Final Project- Artist’s Block

A terror all artists hope never to have to encounter.

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Pattern Project- Lanterns

The last Intro project was all about patterns.

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Color and Symmetry Project- Mandala

The third Intro project. This project focused on the relations between colors, as well as the usage of symmetry.

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Shape and Composition Project- Lose Focus

The second Intro project, in which there is emphasis on shapes and their arrangement.

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Line Project- Logo

The first project of the semester for Intro to Visual Communication; this piece focuses on the limited colors and bold lines.

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Elements and Principles Artbook

1 book. 7 weeks. 14 images.

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