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Computer Animation Final Project- Artist’s Block

A terror all artists hope never to have to encounter. Advertisements

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Despite its minuscule budget of $7000, Primer turned out to be a well-produced piece of film.

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Montage/Shot Analysis

The first thirty seconds of Gyakuten Saiban appear to depict a spiritual ritual of some sort. There are a lot of traditional-looking colors including brown and red as well as the only depicted light being candlelight from more than a … Continue reading

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This GIFset is based in the concept of “575”.

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My words were ‘banana’, ‘shrill’, ‘furiously’, and ‘crashing’.

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Daniel Temkin

Glitch art doesn’t often incorporate actual glitches- rather, the so-called ‘glitch’ aesthetic is more often achieved through the artist’s manipulation of data. One such artist is Daniel Temkin, who creates “images, programming languages, and interactive pieces exploring our inherently broken … Continue reading

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