Survey of Animation Final Project- Stone Cold, Warm Brown

Much of the city is cold and harsh. However, one can take solace in small comforts.

A Da’s work is simple and beautiful. The animation he does is smooth, and there are few extra frames for padding the beginnings and endings of motion- that is, when things stop moving, they don’t seem to slow down first. When his characters walk, too, their entire body moves, instead of just their hands and their legs. This is very evident in Three Monks‘ first scene with the red monk- as he’s the only character onscreen, it’s easy to observe his movement.

I tried to emulate this in the cat’s walking cycle segment; everything from its head to its tail moves at least a little bit as it walks, and when it stops moving, it just stops rather than slowing down first.

His characters are also distinctive; the ones with simpler designs, such as the monks, have exaggerated shapes as their design- the blue monk, for example, is clearly based on a tall rectangle, as both his body and head are this shape, as is his nose. Along with this, even the characters with great detail, such as the female lead from The Butterfly Spring, have relatively simple designs. Also in Butterfly Spring, the animals with four legs had thin bodies and spindly legs.

As such, I attempted to design my characters with this in mind- the cat has a triangular head with a curved line to give it some simple ears. Its body is unnaturally thin, and I drew the legs stilt-like in scenes that allowed it.The humans are very basic, and only have one or two defining points each, as their faces aren’t shown. I tried to draw the cat’s eyes in the shape he does, too.

A Da also used bright colors for the foreground and dull, almost no color for the backgrounds, which is what I used. However, his colors are very clean and solid; unfortunately, I was not able to replicate this. I was also unable to replicate the static backgrounds, as I was unable to obtain blank cels in the interest of money and time.

Along with this, the animation isn’t as smooth as A Da’s, as I had to cut cel count in order to finish the project on time; this is also a result of a lack of proper cel shooting setup. For that same reason, the frames aren’t as crisp as they could be.


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