Phenakistoscope- Flour Sacks


Animation has to be consistent. If it isn’t, the illusion of motion just doesn’t happen.

The phenakistoscope is no exception. Not only does each section have to smoothly proceed into the next, but all ten sections have to look good when the board isn’t spinning, too. Having all ten sections contain the same objects and colors creates a sense of unity.

I chose to incorporate different line weights into each frame, specifically to denote depth- the thickest lines are in the front, and the thinnest in the back. That is why the lines on the brown bag are thickest, while the green and purple sacks have thin outlines. If the lines were all the same thickness, the scope would look flat.

Flour sacks are apparently used for expression practice- as flour sacks have no features aside from its shape and weight, one can’t hide behind cheap facial expressions to show emotions and actions. I decided to animate flour sacks, because I wanted my scope to focus on the motion rather than on the faces or appearance of the subjects.


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an animation student at alfred state from rochester
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