Pattern Project- Lanterns

12.3.14 FOXES

The last Intro project was all about patterns.

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to a project about lanterns, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. In the end, I chose a diagonal composition, with the smallest objects in the top left corner and increasing their size along the diagonal to sweep the viewer’s eyes in that direction across the page.

Save for the white, the patterns are all very subtle and drawn in colors similar to the colors they overlap. This was intended to make the piece appear different when viewed from far away and when viewed from up close.

The black shape overlapping the red flames was drawn complicatedly and without separation lines to give the illusion that it in itself was a pattern, however, when separated, there are two shapes- and both are nine-tailed foxes. The eighteen total tails serve to create a very interesting, pattern-like shape when placed on top of each other.

The boxes and circles are lanterns- box lanterns and ball lanterns, respectively. They are arranged into strings by size, and each string has a specific type of pattern painted onto the orange glow. All of the circle lanterns (save the smallest ones) contain circular patterns. The largest boxes have the same starlike shape drawn into them, the medium boxes have linear patterns, some of which match those drawn in white, and the smallest boxes are independent patterns with no real definition. Every lantern also has rows of orange and yellow dots around it, which emulate the glow a real lantern gives off.

Aside from the lanterns, there is also the blue and white area- as lanterns are best viewed at night, these stand in for the night sky. There are no repeated patterns in the blue sections- as with the night sky, where no two constellations are the same. As the blue is very dark, the white creates high contrast, completely differently from the subtle patterns in the yellow and orange.


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