Data Visualization


This website building project was intended to visualize data as different aspects of stars.

The website, stars, randomly generates locations for the stars, each of which use one data set from a database. Each dataset contained two integers, a float, a string, and a boolean.

The first integer in each set determines the ‘distance’ of the star from the viewing point – in the case of drawing, it sets the non-hovering size.
The second integer determines the ‘actual size’ of the star, or the star’s size when hovered over. As some large stars are often very far away, the surprise large sizes of small-appearing stars reflects the discovery of actual star sizes.
The float of each set sets ‘luminosity’, represented by the non-hover transparency.
The string, which could be either ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, or ‘d’, chose the color of each star. As the most common star colors are red, yellow, blue, and white, those were the colors I chose.
The boolean determines whether the star is a binary star or not – a binary star being a star set in which two stars orbit each other. This would appear when hovered over.


the original design draft


About barberne

an animation student at alfred state from rochester
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