Character Rig

When learning to rig, many of my peers chose humanoid models to try. I chose a tyrannosaurus rex, which was significantly more difficult but more engaging.

The rigging process turned out to be not particularly complicated, but was rather frustrating. This was particularly since I had never used many of the required tools; as such I often used them incorrectly and didn’t realize itĀ untilĀ the rig would break later.

The logic of parenting the joints was particularly easy, as was paint weighting. The more difficult paint weighting that the t-rex took later made it easier to paint weight other non-humanoid models, so my choice to rig the dinosaur, I feel, was a good one.

However, remembering to orient everything, working the IK legs, and attaching the detached geometry such as the mouth parts was extremely tedious and unintuitive.



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an animation student at alfred state from rochester
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