Emotion Change

This animation demonstrates a change of emotions – a change from aghast to jealous.

Gracie is 6 years old and has a mid spring birthday. She has pigtails, and a very childish face with round cheeks. She has straight cut bangs and a youthful hair color. Gracie uses eyes and hands a lot in expressions. Extremely expressive and bouncy.
She’s kind of a spoiled child, very used to getting anything she asks for, and tends to ask for new things when she sees other people with them.
In the animation she’s occupied with blocks, turns to show off her achievement of stacking them, and sees her classmate, whom she really doesn’t like, with legos. Jealous, she pretends not to see him at all.
It takes place in kindergarten, indicated by very a geometric and plastic-looking table and chairs, and also blocks all over table. Everything looks very large.

I felt the timing was too fast, even for a child. Not very happy with the feet, as I’m not exactly sure how a child’s feet would act in that situation and pose. But I do like the pigtail swing and facial expressions.

  • Eyebrows move too much with blinks
  • Whole movement is too fast
  • The feet float off the ground
  • The eyeball direction is confusing
  • Shock emotion could be held longer
  • The neck snaps
  • The eyes seem to ‘spin’
  • Adult face on child body is scary

About barberne

an animation student at alfred state from rochester
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