Heavy Object

Norman’s not so good with catching heavy boxes.

The prompt was to have Norman interacting with something. Anything, as long as it was heavy enough to have difficulty moving.

I’m very happy with his leg movement and placement. Shifting one’s weight to adjust to holding a heavy object requires a lot of foot movement and I feel I replicated that well. The anticipation for the catch, too, was one of my strong points – he raises his arms and gets faked out before actually being thrown the box.

However, the actual box and arm movement feel fake – I had a very hard time keeping the box and arms aligned and the hands slide around and clip through the bottom because of that.

  • Good exaggeration in bending of knees when catching, it’s very believable
  • The box doesn’t look heavy
  • The weight looks realistic
  • The animation is well done but the hands clip through the box a lot
  • Good use of facial expressions
  • Very nice posing on legs, strongest part.
  • Arms should bend back more once box is plopped in
  • Smooth, fluid, amazingly done facial expressions
  • Very fluid movements. Legs are exaggerated a little too much, feet slide
  • Beautiful facial expressions; very smooth
  • Amazing feet / knee animation, left knee pops after the catch
  • After catching and during downward motion eyes whited out / disappear
  • Nice facial expressions and hip movement

About barberne

an animation student at alfred state from rochester
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