Animation Critique II

(Original animation by Taylor Stevenson)

(For convenience’s sake, the 3D model will be referred to as Norman.)

The set and props look fantastic, and they move in response to Norman pushing the button on the wall. Makes it feel more like he’s actually doing something.

The spinning is very lively and the most interesting part. Norman’s arms swing around like one would if they were dancing and spinning to music, which is also implied by the stereo system in the back. His body moves fluidly up and down as his knees bend- and the knees bend naturally. The hands drag and follow through beautifully.

The prior walking, however, feels unnatural. The hips tilt a little too much, the torso doesn’t move up and down at all, and the arms kind of flail around. The head feels static. And when he’s pushing the ‘button’ on the wall, his hand slaps around rather than pushing buttons or manning controls. His static face is also mildly distracting.


About barberne

an animation student at alfred state from rochester
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