Norman’s a little lost. Norman also isn’t a nature person.

The original prompt was that the character walks from Point A to Point B, then turns around and returns to Point A.

I feel that I did well giving Norman appropriate facial expressions and kept him from staying still at any point, but some movements still seem still and off-timed. This is also reflected in the critiques I received.

  • The motion is very smooth
  • All motions are very smooth, shrug looks a little weird
  • The face is alive and expressive, wonderful
  • Amazing facial expressions
  • Good shoulder + arm movements
  • Great facial expression
  • Easy to follow, great use of body joints
  • Good facial expression. Outward movement (when character exits) a little awkward – they bend down too much + legs don’t extend enough
  • Good and smooth movement
  • Nice walk and facial expressions but turn around seems off just a bit
  • Well animated shoulder movements, but arms movements feel forced
  • When he turns around, arm should swing back around, feels like its frozen
  • Knees always bent when walking back, should have more height to him to give him one rided weight
  • The trailing of the arm during the exiting walk is fantastic at showing expression while the face is hidden
  • Very fluid motions and movement, good setting and facial expression.
  • Walk + walk out are roughly the same pace
  • Slow turn

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an animation student at alfred state from rochester
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