Animation Critique I

(Original animation by Skylar Reisner)

(For convenience’s sake, the 3D model will be referred to as Norman, and the model in the reference footage will be addressed as “the model”.)

The hands drag nicely. In the provided reference footage, the model swings her arms a lot, but her hands remain locked, which looks a little unnatural. The drag adds some fluidity to the arm swings. The shoulders also move a bit to accommodate for the arm movement.

However, the timing feels off. Norman walks a great deal more slowly than the reference model; for every step Norman takes, the model seems to take two. As such it’s rather difficult to assess whether the steps match up with that of the model. Not only that, but the animation doesn’t loop correctly- the first and last frames don’t match. This creates an extremely jerky transition to the beginning of the loop which is extremely distracting.

The torso looks extremely static. In life, the body follows ‘contrapposto’, where the the shoulders and hips turn to accommodate for weight shifting. In the animation, the torso doesn’t tilt or twist, and only moves up or down on the ‘up’ and ‘down’ walk poses. The squash effect applied to the chest would be nice, had it been applied to both steps and toned down a bit- Norman only squishes on his left step, which looks very unnatural.


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