Crataegus: Puppet Project


In a country long faded into obscurity, an autumn festival celebrating a certain deity is annually celebrated. Crataegus, the guardian of autumn, is believed to have power over the surrounding forests. Legends tell of the lights and chimes of  Crataegus’ wings guiding lost children safely home.; as such, puppets and statues of it are common fare at the festival.

Normally, media and art are limited to the one medium on which it is created, and it is rare to see that boundary being pushed.  Mixed media art provides quite a different vision in its own nature, where the differences of the materials being integrated both rely and contrast to each other. This contrasting fusion usually ends up bringing the overall piece of media or art to a higher plane of creativity.

The warm, faded colors of Crataegus, orange and tan, are meant to not only represent the autumn as a season, but also to bring about a sense of support and childlike whimsy. As a color, orange is often associated with a childish nature, as the innocence of yellow is integrated with the intensity of red. Tan is a light shade of brown, which on a psychological level is often associated with structure and support. This is important in both the lore and purpose of the deity, with the religion relying and caring for trees and crops, the first of which being nature’s notorious example for support, patience, and strength.


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an animation student at alfred state from rochester
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