Canon Character Animation


For this project, we were to animate the character we previously designed for the “Canon Character” project.

The animation was to contain 60 frames, however, I fell short with only 58 plus an empty frame; this was due to cut frames that made the animation look awkward when left in.

This was a rather interesting exercise. I got to experiment with emphasizing certain parts of the body while they were in motion, which applies what we’ve recently learned in class. I also had to figure out how to simplify the character enough to keep consistent in 60 frames, yet keep enough features to be able to recognize the character. I feel I was successful in both the emphasize and simplification, as not only is the character recognizable but it’s also clear what the most important moving part is.

The most challenging part of this was creating the motion. I didn’t do any rotoscoping, so I had to draft the action myself. I wanted to make sure the flip, in particular, didn’t look too inaccurate, so I watched several clips of gymnasts performing pike flips.


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an animation student at alfred state from rochester
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