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The requirements for this project were to create an ideal canon character along with their story. The character was to be drawn from five angles and displaying three different expressions.

Peoples’ versions of their ideal person vary from individual to individual, but usually their idea of the ‘perfect person’ is influenced by what is most popular in society.

This character has wide hips but narrow shoulders, which creates an exaggerated triangle shape with her body, particularly when coupled with the wide chiffon skirt. Triangles are the sturdiest shape, which gives her the appearance of appearing very grounded. Standing ones’ ground is an important part of war, which is what she is a ‘goddess’ of- war and earth.

Along those lines, her name is Gina. As the legend is very old, no one is certain as to her full name- ‘Gina’, meaning ‘well born’, ‘Georgina’, meaning ‘earth worker’, or Luigina, meaning ‘famous warrior’, which are all names that fit.

I chose earth tones, like red and brown, for her colors, as those are ‘earth’ tones, and colors that medals may come in for the metal parts. After all, victors tend to receive medals after their victory.

The religion of her country in current day tells how of four fighting factions, the weakest emerged as the victor due to the help of the autumn dragon- her father. Their near-blind chief came across her in a grove of trees with orange leaves, and when she offered her assistance in their war he refused it, stating,

“The gesture is generous, but I feel I needn’t ask anyone, especially such a beautiful lady, to help win a battle we will almost certainly lose.”

She had never been called beautiful before; the other dragons’ children had mocked her for her mannish face and heavier figure instead. In an act of disproportionate compensation, she requested the assistance of her father’s strength- needless to say, in the height of fall, the autumn dragon wiped the floor with the other three factions, leaving the chief and his faction to start their own country. When asked why, she stated,

“those who can simultaneously be honest and kind are the sort who deserve ruling power.”

In present day, some pieces of the story are blurry. Some say that there were other dragons fighting in the war; others tell that the goddess refused to help at first. As it’s only part of a religion, no one’s really sure if it actually happened or not, but there is something- in modern day, the country’s people tend to have bodies with wider hips and narrower shoulders.


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