This GIFset is based in the concept of “575”.

I tried to incorporate “575”  as many times as I could into both the visual and technical aspects of the project. I chose to interpret the numbers as the lines of a haiku (as the syllable restrictions go 5-7-5), so I searched for some written by famous poets. Masaoka Shiki was the poet I chose, and I chose his “when i turned my head”, because the translated version still fit the syllable limits. The poem is as follows:

when I turned my head,
the traveller I’d just passed
melted in the mist.

Each gif is made of the amount of images included in its line. Each image depicts one of the words in the line; those words with multiple syllables had one image for each of its syllables. Those images were glitched in the sound program Audacity, and the procedure I used to change each image was the same for each image.

The image, along with its following word’s image, were both imported. The following word was spliced into the image for each of its letters. The following word’s data was then deleted. Effects corresponding to each of the word’s letters were then added- for example, an Echo effect or an Equalizer effect would be added every time an ‘e’ appeared in the word. Various sections of the image’s data were cut-and-pasted around (once again, as many times as there were letters). The image was then exported.

The GIFs themselves have frame rates according to “575” as well- the first and third GIFs have a frame rate of .05 frames per second, while the second GIF has a rate of .07 frames per second.

[Individual frames and the original images may be posted upon request.]


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